Referral Criteria & Process


  • Client is homeless or at risk of homelessness.
  • Client is unable to raise a deposit by any other means.
  • Client must be in receipt of benefits or on a low income.
  • A client must provide information regarding any outstanding debt with the Department of Work and Pensions.
  • Client must be willing to undertake training of further education.
  • No active illegal drugs use (clean for a minimum of 6 months if previous user).
  • Alcohol Misuse (clean and dry for a minimum of 6 months).
  • No history or arson attacks.
  • Unable to assist sex offenders or those assessed as a high or very high risk of harm.
  • Resettling in the Greater South Wales.


We will consider referrals from any organisation as well as family or self-referrals, dependent on the client meeting the above criteria and providing suitable evidence.


  • Referrer completes a Rhondda Hub referral form, risk assessment and consents to share information form and send to Rhondda Hub for Veterans.
  • Rhondda Hub will consider the referral form and will make contact to offer an assessment if appropriate. We aim to make contact within one week of referral receipt. If you do not hear from us by this time then do make contact.

You can send your referral form to us by hand, mail, or email. If you would like to receive our referral forms electronically, please send requests to:

Rhondda Hub for Veterans
Unit 1 Crown Building,
River View,
CF40 1QF

Telephone: 01443 303 100 • Email:

n.b – Every case is assessed on its own merits.