The Rhondda Hub for Veterans

Supporting veterans in need with sustainable housing and support

What We Do

The hub is a place where veterans in need can come and find advice and resources about housing under one roof. We work very closely with specialist partners to provide courses, training and employment opportunities as well as practical support to help with transition into civilian life. There will be support and assistance to overcome trauma with access to trained specialists to assist the transition.

Rhondda Hub for Veterans is set up to assist in rebuilding veterans’ lives by promoting healthier lifestyles and providing suitable and sustainable accommodation. Whilst the hub for ex service personnel is based in Rhondda Valleys, housing can be provided outside of this area. By providing suitable accommodation it is hoped that there will be continuity, employment opportunities and a reduction in reoffending. This service is prioritised for Veterans in need with connections to the Rhondda Valleys and surrounding areas.

Priorities for 2019
  • To ensure appropriate support services are accessed by ex-service personnel at risk of being homeless or in prison.
  • To provide routine housing in the private sector for prisoners on release.
  • To provide sustainable housing options for veterans who meet our homeless criteria.
  • To from strong partnerships with other organisations to ensure Veterans are adequately supported.

How Rhondda Hub for Veterans Can Assist You...

Whilst we provide routine sustainable housing we work very closely with other services to ensure access to:

  • Training for employability skills
  • Access to employment opportunities by working with partners
  • Counselling for trauma and PTSD
  • Support for mental health
  • Benefit assistance and forms

Rhondda Hub's activities rely on your help, see below for ways to support us.

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If you would like to be an anonymous sponsor or if your organisation would like to support a project there are always possibilities – from giving time in kind to equipment donations our veterans are very much appreciative of all support received. Do ask for more information.

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